Year: 2004

Practical Jokes

new host While I was surfing the net the other day I ran across this site Practical Jokes Shop
They have:
Just to name a few.
There are some funny Practical Jokes there!

Handmade Soaps

The other day Suzie and I went the local craft fair here in Holland.
We walked around for a couple of hours and there were a lot of cool crafters there.
The only thing we did buy was some handmade soap
While I an not into that kind of thing I was very impressed with it.
I got the Bay Rum, this is from their site about the handmade soap Great Lakes Soap Co.
“The scent is spicy, crisp and sharp. Formulated to be used as a shaving soap, but also makes a great shower bar to be used on your face or on your whole body. The addition of cocoa butter makes it a moisturizing bar with a thicker lather. Also great for women to use in the shower for shaving.”
I have tried some other Handmade Soaps that did not live up to what they said.
But Great Lakes Soap Co. has an outstanding soap.
They also offer Gift Boxes so if you are looking for a gift here you are.

Confessions of a Bingoholic

I have been playing online BINGO at a site called BINGOS.Com Everyone at the site is really friendly and I have done well there. We had a tournament last night and I tied for 2nd place ( $300 ) . It was fun ! This is the best bingo site that I have found , not alot of people and Jackpots that can actually be won !

New Shed

Sue has won so much money at BINGO

that we decided to build a new shed.
We had been wanting a shed for a long time.
We looked at a lot of the pre-built ones from the hardware stores.
They just wanted too much for them.
I know I can build a shed for less and have a better one.

We are good to go with a 8 foot by 10 foot and a flat roof.
I hope to have some pics of the project soon!

Fishing Trip

We like to go fishing at a little park not far from our house.
It called Dunton Park

fish3We get all kind of visitors at the park.
This is a Blue Heron (?)

We like to got a couple of times a week not that the fishing is that good but its nice to get out of the house.
The last time we went Sue was the fisherman that day.

If you look real close that thing at the end of the line is not the bait but the killer fish
Now the really funny thing is that she went after that fish.
Took a good 30 mins and countless worms
The sad thing is that Sue out fished me that day!
You can see some of the other pics HERE

The New Bath

Sue has been after me for a LONG time to get some pics of the new BathRoom up for you to see.
I guess it was time
I mean I did finish this last Christmas (2003).










I got to say that this room is my favorite room in the house!

The Fence

The fence is done.
I have got half of it stained.
It not for the rain today I would get the other half done

You can see all of the pics of the fence and the pond areaHERE

Zoysia Grass

Last summer (2003) we ordered some Zoysia Grass Seed off of E-bay.
A few weeks ago I started some of the seen in a tray.
Today I moved the “plugs” in the ground.
I am curious about how long it will take to spread.
I may have to put some real grass down till the Zoysia takes over.
I will give it a couple of week and see what happands.
There are a couple more picturesHERE

Here is a web site that sells Zoysia


Last year ( 2003 ) we messed around with Hypertufa
It all started with me wanting to make “Rocks” for the pond area.
After a lot of searching the net I came across Hypertufa
Hypertufa is very east to make and use.
Equal parts of:
Portland cement
Sphagnum peat moss
Mason’s sand

Sue made some very cool little Grots
You can see some of last year pics HERE

This little guy was left out all winter and came through with no problem.

There is a ton of info on Google Search

My Family

I wanted to show the world the people in my life that make it special !
_______________ My family ______________________
This is my brother Jerry and his family.

These two are my “babies”.
Christopher and Tanya.
Wow ! I’m not quite as young as I used to be !

This is my Russ.
The first person I see each morning
and the last person I see each night.