Lodge Logic Cast Iron Reversible

We have been using an electric NON-Stick griddle for years. They work great but we had to replace them at least one a year. No matter what I did – spray with cooking spray, use lower heat, use higher heat, boil water in it after cooking I could not get them clean. After a few months of use the NON-Stick would fail, I don’t care to have that stuff in my system.

So I went looking for some sort of replacement for the NON-Stick type of griddle.

I came across Lodge Logic Cast Iron Reversible Grid.

Lodge Double Play Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle:

  • Large enough to fit over 2 burners on the standard stove top or range
  • Ribbed on one side and flat on the other side
  • Handles for carrying or hanging when not in use
  • Lodge’s cast iron is electrostatic ally coated with a proprietary vegetable oil and cured at high temperatures to allow the oil to deeply penetrate the surface of the cast iron; griddle is ready to use right out of the box
  • 16-3/4″L x 9-1/2″W x 9/16″D

We use it almost everyday.

Every once in awhile you come across a product that really does excel one’s expectations. Whether grilling steaks on one side to hash browns eggs and pancakes on the other we were amazed at how the heat is even and the surface easy to work with. This covers 2 burners on a regular sized stove. Heats up nicely.


One of the cons with this griddle is the lip around the edge is not tall enough. If your not careful your scrambled eggs will run over the side.

The Scoop Coffee Maker

Our old Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Coffee Maker finally had more issues than we could do with. We loved that coffeepot. We used every day and twice a day on the weekends for the last five years. So is going to be kind of hard to find a replacement to we liked.

I spent a week looking online reading reviews and I finally came to the conclusion that a single cup Brewer is what we wanted. I decided that The Scoop was the coffee brewer for us.

Simply scoop your favorite coffee and place it to brew – no pods or special filters required. Two metal scoops included for precise measuring ensuring the perfect cup of coffee. Can brew up to 14-ounces in as little as 1.5 minutes; fits a travel size or regular mug. Brews hotter than the leading competitors per SCAA standards
Durable stainless steel construction

Small footprint.
Easy cleanup.
Use your favorite flavored coffee grounds.
Best of all it can be used for tea and hot chocolate!

Tracks In The Snow

This morning the temperature was -8. For here that is might cold.
I am always amazed how hardy annals are.

This morning I found these kitty tracks coming and going.
He followed the car tracks, I guess he did not want to walk in the deep snow

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Our Blizzard 2013

Date 7/8 February.
Last night we had our first real snow storm come through.
It dumped almost a foot and it was heavy snow

I go up to let the dog out and saw what was left of our gazebo. The snow just snow collapsed it.




A look around neighborhood:

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I was out snowblowing at 6:00AM this morning. Sue would not have been able to get out the driveway.

Between the street and sidewalk plows they made a HUGE mound.

The Great Train Robbery !

July 16, 2011. We rode the old train in Coopersville. We had a super time even though the train got robbed ! Chris gave his fake $100 bill to the little guy sitting across from him. He asked him to hide it and keep it safe. The bad guys came and found the bill ! When everything was over the little guy gave Chris another bill that he had hidden … sooooo cute !

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