Gun Deck USS Constitution

The gun deck is done
That big blue thing is a pice of tape holding down the
anchor ropes that go thru the upper deck.


Gun Door Rigging USS Constitution

USS Constitution
Rigging the gun doors is done in sets of 2.
I start off on one side and loop the rope
thru the door… then the hull.

Thru the hull for the other gun door then thru the door.
I tie a big knot a drop of glue on the both (knot and the loose) ends
and the and then use the forscpts to pull it tight

USS Constitution Gun Deck Start

Here are some pictures of the gun deck.
I am about 1/2 way done ( I think )

This is an overview of the gun deck

These are the port side guns

A closeup of the guns.
Here you can see the ROPE tan thread that is on each gun
The sad part of this work is
I don’t think it can or will bee seen
once I get the upper deck on.