Fennville BP Christmas Party 2010

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We eat pizza , exchange gifts and hope the BP / Subway will be fine without us for a couple hours. Most of us have been around each other for quite some time and it’s fun to get together outside of work.

Fennville BP / Subway 2009

Get Ready !

We are having our Customer Appreciation Day on June 17 th. 
We will be hosting the BP / Ranger boat simulator again this year.
Free rides for everyone from Noon to 6 pm.

Our theme this year is ” We love the USA “.
We will have members of the USA military on hand all day.

At 4 pm we will be judging the bicycle decorating contest.
Decorate your bike with Red, White and Blue and come on down !

Sign up to win lots of great prizes from our vendors.
Print this page and you can get a BOGO 6” Sub at Subway on June 17th
from noon to 6pm. ( Lower priced Sub is free ).

See you there !

Fun Day At BP Fennville, Michigan

These pictures were taken at Customer Appreciation Day at the Fennville BP in Fennville, Michigan. My new pride and joy! My job with Merle Boes Inc. took me to Fennville about three months ago. There are some
super people working in the station and working with them has been a pleasure! There is a Subway in the building with us and the two businesses compliment each other quite well! Stop in sometime, we’ll show you some Fennville hospitality. This is the long version.

Short version

Sue’s Accident

Sue was in an accident this morning and I want to get some pictures up Sue SUV0018
You can see the rest of the Sue’s Accident pictures hereHERE
I have some bad news.
My Sue was in a car accident today and totaled out our SUV.
Good news is, she walked away almost without a scratch.
UPDATE She came out of this with one broken rib absolutely amazing!
The SUV rolled three or four times.

She is lucky on more than one account.
Couple of days ago , we lost the gas cap.
So as the car is rolling, gas is spewing all over the ground and all over the car,
Sparks are flying, and nothing happens, absolutely amazing!
Maps that were in the car were jammed into the outside door frame as the car had slid.
The car landed upside down so my wife is strapped upside down with the roof crushed in.
Gas is coming out , and her door is jammed and will not open.
So she has to do scurry across and try to get the passenger door open.

What happened was a guy came to a stop sign thought it was a four-way stop.
He stopped , and then went and hit the bumper of her car.
The actual damage he did from the hit was really pretty minor .
but physics , always wins!

Sue SUV0014
Some how her purse was dragged on the ground and thrown back into the car.
absolutely amazing!

Halloween 2005

2003 0125ebay11020005This is Stacey… hard hat and all !
When you have three children a hardhat is a requirement.

2003 0125ebay11020003Wow ! Melanie was sooooooo cute !
She would take any pirate’s heart away .

2003 0125ebay11020002This is My Russ with his newest hat !
I think it is appropriate.. don’t you?


You love them,
Feed them,
Teach them,
Send them out in to the big world
and you know what happens ?

You come home from work to find them on the couch – dead asleep.
It’s not that they don’t have a place of their own it’s just that HOME is more comfy and closer!

Ebay buyer beware

As the title says
Ebay buyer beware
Sue bought a purse off of ebay. The ad said it was a “NEW” purse.
Here are the exact words — ***
a very nice, never been used tommy hilfiger handbag. a very nice addition to any woman’s wardrobe. affordable too. ***

Purse0001If you click on the picture you will see how bad the spots
are ..especially on a light pink purse !

Purse0003Here is another spot and this one is rather BIG

Purse0004There is such a HUGE difference between a NEW & UNUSED
purse .. and this purse. Even the shoulder strap was missing . !


The seller had the kahunas to send this email to me when
I asked for a refund…***
thats fine i give refunds on mondays. ill leave you
positive feedback . once i have pos. feedback ill refund
your money. you can keep it. in the future i wouldnt
expect a 200.00 purse for 10.00, but i guess youd like
what was described ! my bad!!!!!!!***

He wanted me to leave POSITIVE feedback BEFORE he would send my
refund ! .
I didn’t expect an expensive purse…but…I DID expect an honest Ebayer !

If you would like to know this guy’s seller ID… email me. I’d love to have
everyone know who he is !