MappingOut v.4.0.0 Guild Wars

Are you a fan of Guild Wars?
If you are then you NEED this little APP
MappingOut v.4.0.0
Very good software
Special Features
– MappingOut doesn’t need Guild Wars to be launched to be run
– Your account settings are of no interest to MappingOut
– Mapping is completely free
– Low memory usage (about 15mb), allowing MappingOut to run alongside Guild Wars on low specification pc’s without a problem
– MappingOut can check for updates on selected servers, and auto update itself
– Mappingout now tracks Elite Skills, Collectors, Green Items, Elona Treasures and Personal Notes
– Colour co-ordinated tabs, which correspond to the items on the map
– An “Always on Top” feature
– 3 different styles for popup windows for Elite Skills, Collectors, Green “unique” Items, Elona Treasures and Personal Notes
– Detailed legend showing all the Elite Skill colours and all other information shown on the maps.
– Quick Map selection using the Right Click on a free part of the map, and jump to a new map
You can download it here

Dumb Game

If you don’t know it I am a game junkie!
I always have been … will you know the rest.

Here is one of those simple games that you can’t stop playing
The Game

Daily Diary

Well, the title might be a bit miss-leading but its the name of the software that we found.
I happened to find it crusing the web.
iDailyDiary FREE – ZIP FILE
It is a nice little Diary that is very simple to use!
Russ seems to find the greatest stuff on the puter and I’m glad when it’s something that is easy to use. I’m gonna use the program for work info. Hope you can use this one too !

Big Bubbles

Are you a kid at heart?
Do you like big bubbles, I mean really big BIG bubbles
This last summer I made a do-it-yourself huge bubble maker out of a bit of PVC, and some webbing , I got from Kmart.
Total cost $4.95 .
Total time , 20 minutes
Enjoyment time endless!

Toxic Avenger

The Toxic AvengerDo you know Troma Studios?
They make some of the …well, off the wall movies I have come across.
I have been bugging Sue about getting “The Toxic Avenger for some time.
She finally got a copy of it.
It took several bids on e-bay before she won this one!
Sue got the
The Unrated Diretor’s Cut with the FULL HEAD CRUSHING scene!
WAHHO I am a happy camper