The Fence

The fence is done.
I have got half of it stained.
It not for the rain today I would get the other half done

You can see all of the pics of the fence and the pond areaHERE


Last year ( 2003 ) we messed around with Hypertufa
It all started with me wanting to make “Rocks” for the pond area.
After a lot of searching the net I came across Hypertufa
Hypertufa is very east to make and use.
Equal parts of:
Portland cement
Sphagnum peat moss
Mason’s sand

Sue made some very cool little Grots
You can see some of last year pics HERE

This little guy was left out all winter and came through with no problem.

There is a ton of info on Google Search

Pond Garden

I had to move the lilacs back about 4 feet. That was an all day thing.
It took more then an hour per plant and there were more lilacs that I first thought.
Then I had to take the rock wall back another 5 or 6 feet.

I was left with a pile of dirt that went into getting the ground level.

Here you can see the 2 by 4’s that I used to get everythng level.
That are 8 feet apart just to give you some idea of the size.
Then came the rocks and blocks. That was the easy part.

see of the pics here

Our Pond

Sue has always wanted a POND so last summer I at ( least ) started one.
We found a small pond kit at the local hardware store it was on sale of course.
While I was pondering how to lay it out Sue found a better pond on e-bay.
So I was back to some more pondering.
After a lot of head banging I got some holes dug.
I plan on getting it finished this summer!