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Dishwasher Magnet

With our busy schedule, it was never easy to tell if the dish had been ran through the washer.
So I went looking for a dishwasher magnet and came across this.

If you know about our dogs then you know how “right” this magnet is.
Dog Licked Them Clean
What a GREAT magnet and SmirkingGoddess is such a great person to deal with!


Check out her etsy store!

New Coffee Maker

Over the years we have gone through several coffee makers.
Most just don’t live up to the company-hype.

We bought this coffee maker for a house Christmas gift.
So far we are loving it.
It does single cup of K-Cup, fresh grounds
  or a POT full

Winter is here 2018

Well, winter is finally here.
The last couple of days we got blasted with snow.

The dogs Montana and Dakota love all of the snow!

A LOT of birds

This morning there was all this noise from out side.

It turned out to be a couple 100 birds making all this.


Our Garden 2013

[nggallery id=6] We planted four dwarf fruit trees !
We are excited to see how they do.
Our strawberries seem to be on steroids this year, I love it !
The two pictures of  the strawberries show the amazing growth in just a few days !
The weather seems to be perfect for growing so far.

[singlepic id=85 w=320 h=240 float=center]