New Host

After 6 years at HostGator.
They had gone down hill and it was time to move on

A LOT of birds

This morning there was all this noise from out side.

It turned out to be a couple 100 birds making all this.


Our Garden 2013

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We planted four dwarf fruit trees !
We are excited to see how they do.
Our strawberries seem to be on steroids this year, I love it !
The two pictures of  the strawberries show the amazing growth in just a few days !
The weather seems to be perfect for growing so far.

Tracks In The Snow

This morning the temperature was -8. For here that is might cold.
I am always amazed how hardy annals are.

This morning I found these kitty tracks coming and going.
He followed the car tracks, I guess he did not want to walk in the deep snow

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Our Blizzard 2013

Date 7/8 February.
Last night we had our first real snow storm come through.
It dumped almost a foot and it was heavy snow

I go up to let the dog out and saw what was left of our gazebo. The snow just snow collapsed it.




A look around neighborhood:

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I was out snowblowing at 6:00AM this morning. Sue would not have been able to get out the driveway.

Between the street and sidewalk plows they made a HUGE mound.

The Great Train Robbery !

July 16, 2011. We rode the old train in Coopersville. We had a super time even though the train got robbed ! Chris gave his fake $100 bill to the little guy sitting across from him. He asked him to hide it and keep it safe. The bad guys came and found the bill ! When everything was over the little guy gave Chris another bill that he had hidden … sooooo cute !

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