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Peach Tree

We planted this peach tree late this spring.
Look at all the peaches it has.
We can’t wait til next year

peach tree

First Snow 2008

Will it finally here WINTER that is!
Its hard to believe that 3 days ago it was in the 70’s.

More Backyard Photos

The flowers are so beautiful this time of year. I love the Roses !

Tanya and I both bought one of these !

It’s hard to tell but this one is the brightest melon color !

[photopress:Newones_002.JPG,thumb,pp_empty]? These roses have a dozen different colors in them !



The other day I was out working in the garden and came across this beautiful spider
What a fine spider this guy is!

While I am not crazy about spiders in the house outside ia a differant matter.
As I was watching this spider he managed to snagged a couple of other bugs and that is a very GOOD thing.

New Shed

Sue has won so much money at BINGO

that we decided to build a new shed.
We had been wanting a shed for a long time.
We looked at a lot of the pre-built ones from the hardware stores.
They just wanted too much for them.
I know I can build a shed for less and have a better one.

We are good to go with a 8 foot by 10 foot and a flat roof.
I hope to have some pics of the project soon!

The New Bath

Sue has been after me for a LONG time to get some pics of the new BathRoom up for you to see.
I guess it was time
I mean I did finish this last Christmas (2003).










I got to say that this room is my favorite room in the house!


Last X-mas I remodeled the bathroom for Sue
It was in bad shape !  











It took a lot more work than I thought it would 😉
I pretty much gutted the room. ripped out the walls, celing, shower, cabinets just about everyting that I could get rid of I did!
It just really started out as a simple
Honey I am going to put a new shower in this weekend
To a
Honey your weekend is LONG gone! 🙂
No Sue was very good about the whole thing even tho it took about 10 days and 200 trips to the hardware store.
Putting in the shower was kind of hard, the wall are not square in any direction you measure.
So I had a lot of fixing to do