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Arent They Cute ?

A new fence, and two puppies that cant peak through any longer.
Sadie and Nakita have to jump up on the new gate to see who is
coming to visit.

How Cute !

Kudos to Arlene S

A big Thank – You goes out to our new friend Arlene who sent us
some of her doggie pictures for our site. She also has a furry friend ( Autumn ) that is very double jointed !
Autumn is 3 months old and lives with her family in Canada .
You can see the pictures HERE
What a cutie !
If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.
Don’t forget to send us your pictures too.

Prison Dogs

BigDog0003This is Sadie . We purchased the outfit for her sister
but “She” had to try it on !
And that look on her face is “I did not do anything bad
I am the one that ratted on Nakita!”

This is Nakita.
She decided that she wanted to run away from home 4am this morning !
Hense forth — The Prison Garb !!
It was a good thing for her that she came back all by herself.

Our Big Dog


This is our big dog Sadie
She thinks she is a lap dog, but at 93 pounds, she is just too big to be a lap dog.
She is a tail wagger.


When we go shopping we get soup bones for her.
This one was too big for her and she got it stuck on her lower jaw.
This happened at 3:30 AM, what she was doing knawing on a bone at time of the moring – who knows.
Well that is the time Sue gets up for work. On that morning it was the same time the VET and I got up.
We had to take her to the Vet.
He put to sleep and cut the bone off.
The dog took it better then Sue did 🙂

You can see all of the pics of the dogs HERE

From Sue:
How can men be so calm? Russ tells me to relax and the vet tells me to bring Sadie in when his office opens ! I have to go work knowing my baby has a bone stuck on her jaw !
From Russ:
All I want to do was get out the jig saw and cut the bone off