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New Backyard Friends

We have quite a few backyard friends.
Frogs, squirrels, chipmunks, spiders, snakes, geese, ducks, rabbits.
Our newest friends are kinda rare!

We had a family of Cranes hangout all day today
Momma (Candy Crane), Papa (Charlie Crane) , and Baby (Chipper Crane).

Enjoy the pictures

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Frog Friends

I was out in the backyard and there was this spot the was dug up.
I thought that the dogs were rutting around till I looked closer and there was this
LITTLE FROG in its hiddy hole


Backyard Friends

As soon as it warmed up some the SNAKES came out.
I have found 5 of the little friends so far.
Sue was out front planting some flowers and this one crawled across her bare foot.
Needless to say that it was very exciting for a couple of minutes.

These are the Common Garter Snake.
The ones that I can catch I move to the empty field behind the house.


One of our slithering snakes having brunch !

Unusual Friend’s

The last couple of days with had some unusual visitors.
A distinguished gentleman and his lady friend


They come around two or three times the day.
Munch down some food then flyaway.
All in all its pretty cool to have some ducks
that hangout in a backyard