The wither is in the new AGAIN.
This time in the form of a full blown BLIZZARD

We ended up with 11 inches of the white stuff.
Not to bad for the REAL first day of Winter!

And the forcast for the next week is MORE SNOW!

winter storm

It rained all night and at 4:00 AM it was 45deg
and 5 hours later this what it looked like!
16deg the wind chill is 6deg.

Guild War Wiki

Using the F10 search from inside the game can be a real PAIN if you have not looked around first
Guild War Wiki Main page
Guild wars is a HUGE game with so much detail …

You can find all of the mission for the Prophecies campaign
It always pays to take a look at the wiki for the mission before you try to run it.

The List of Prophecies quests can be found here