Fun Day At BP Fennville, Michigan

These pictures were taken at Customer Appreciation Day at the Fennville BP in Fennville, Michigan. My new pride and joy! My job with Merle Boes Inc. took me to Fennville about three months ago. There are some
super people working in the station and working with them has been a pleasure! There is a Subway in the building with us and the two businesses compliment each other quite well! Stop in sometime, we’ll show you some Fennville hospitality. This is the long version.

Short version

Who Wants to be a Superhero

Russ and I have been watching a show on television that is picking the next super hero.
I have never been so disappointed in my life at the ending!
I honestly believe that the host and founder of the show, Stan Lee, has the wrong idea of what the world needs today!

Although all three of the finalists were great people, what the world needs now is someone down to earth and ready to show the world not only a positive attitude but a human one.
Out of the three finalists I felt that either of the other two were that type of person.
A police officer that wants to be a super hero is a scary thought to me. Listening to him made me feel a little uneasy .
I’d love to sit down with Mr Lee and explain what a real superhero is in my eyes.