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Weathering Upper Deck — 2 Comments

  1. Nice touch on the deck….I am just starting that same model;kinda sad that the lower gun deck won’t be seen in its entirety.I think I’ll try the same weathering technique for the upper deck also.Damn..the rigging sheets looks like it will be a nightmare.Have you got any finished pics..or any other ot what you have completed? Thanks…great work!

  2. Hay Keith
    Thanks for the deck…
    I was also sad and a bit MAD that the lower gun deck won’t be seen, I put a lot of work and effort into that.
    The deck weathering came out way better then the pics show!
    I have put the model on hold for the summer.
    I got it keep me busy during the winter months!
    Please keep me post on how you are doing and I would love to see some pictures of your USS Constitution