Dumb Game

If you don’t know it I am a game junkie!
I always have been … will you know the rest.

Here is one of those simple games that you can’t stop playing
The Game

Zoysia Grass Plugs

This summer I have been going to town making Zoysia Grass Plugs and plugging any bare spot I see. So now our lawn has these BRIGHT gree spots all of.
[photopress:Zoysia_Seeds.JPG,thumb,pp_empty]2 summers ago we got 2 packages of the seeds off of ebay.
the picture is all that we have left!

We had some “6 packs” that I had saved just for this.
I put a bit of compost and sprinkle a few seeds then just like
Jack and the Bean Stalk
We have Zoysia Grass

IPN-Pro 3

I was looking for a digital download and came across IPN-Pro 3

Buyer beware! IPN-Pro 3

While this looks like a good program and despite the the sales claim “Compatible with all major browsers, IE6, Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc…Its NOT! It did not work on any of the pc’s or laptops in the house. It would trip the popup blocker in both IE and Opera everytime! And when I told Dwayne of the problem and offered to help fix it all I got was “if you are still experiencing the problem don’t blame my program blame microsoft” This was Dwayne’s way of fixing IPN-Pro 3 “the bottom line is the user needs to set the security from high to medium or even to low” Dwayne has a bug in IPN-Pro 3 and will not admit it or he can not fix it. Dwayne even went so far as to remove my posting reporting the trouble with IPN-Pro 3 and ban me from his support board. I have to say that that I think that was very childish on Dwayne part. I did get my money back I was also called a cheat. So if you are looking for a digital download manager I would stay away from IPN-Pro 3, its not worth the trouble! I went with Linklok for Paypal It works