House On Fire

Once again our street, in Holland Michigan, has a little drama.
At five o’clock this morning the house down the block caught on fire.
The house was totally gutted!
You can see all of the House On Fire pictures.

Kudos to Arlene S

A big Thank – You goes out to our new friend Arlene who sent us
some of her doggie pictures for our site. She also has a furry friend ( Autumn ) that is very double jointed !
Autumn is 3 months old and lives with her family in Canada .
You can see the pictures HERE
What a cutie !
If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.
Don’t forget to send us your pictures too.

Bingo can pay off !

[photopress:Bingo5.JPG,thumb,pp_empty]I played a nickel slot machine at
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[photopress:Bingo1.JPG,thumb,pp_empty]Another nice hit on a slot machine !
Five eggs on the slot machine paid 3500 nickels. This Get Crackin’ slot machine is on too. I have to admit I only play nickels, I’m Dutch !

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