Double Jointed !!


This is how I found Nakita lying on the dining room floor.
Her head is completely turned to look behind her !


  1. If you have an animal that does something truly unusual, send us a pic ! Nakita would love share the spotlight with her furry friends.
    We are anxious to hear from you !

  2. I to have a dog that I think is double jointed I have seen her sleep in the same position as your Nakita.My dog is a 2 and a half month old siberian husky(not pure but still goergeous)her name is Autum and the first time I saw this I freeked I thought she had broken her leg….humm cant seem to add a pic with my post…..probably cuz I never post stuff and have no idea what I am doing….okay no pic so I will describe it.When a dog is on thier tummy sleeping thier paws are pad down and in front or to the side but she puts hers back towards her bum and the pad is up facing the ceiling.I dont know if my description is good enough…if you would like pics let me know how lol by the way Nakita is beutifull.

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