Winter Wonder

It all started last night at 6:45 PM.
All day everyone was saying that it would start at 7:00PM
So I guess that it was close enough to count!

We got about 4 inches last night.
But this snow fall was very WET and HEAVY.

Sue’s Accident

Sue was in an accident this morning and I want to get some pictures up Sue SUV0018
You can see the rest of the Sue’s Accident pictures hereHERE
I have some bad news.
My Sue was in a car accident today and totaled out our SUV.
Good news is, she walked away almost without a scratch.
UPDATE She came out of this with one broken rib absolutely amazing!
The SUV rolled three or four times.

She is lucky on more than one account.
Couple of days ago , we lost the gas cap.
So as the car is rolling, gas is spewing all over the ground and all over the car,
Sparks are flying, and nothing happens, absolutely amazing!
Maps that were in the car were jammed into the outside door frame as the car had slid.
The car landed upside down so my wife is strapped upside down with the roof crushed in.
Gas is coming out , and her door is jammed and will not open.
So she has to do scurry across and try to get the passenger door open.

What happened was a guy came to a stop sign thought it was a four-way stop.
He stopped , and then went and hit the bumper of her car.
The actual damage he did from the hit was really pretty minor .
but physics , always wins!

Sue SUV0014
Some how her purse was dragged on the ground and thrown back into the car.
absolutely amazing!


Worm0015Nakita is a silly kind of dog. This is how she sleeps most of the time. She’s not scratching her ear. She is laying there with her paw around her ear.