Prison Dogs

BigDog0003This is Sadie . We purchased the outfit for her sister
but “She” had to try it on !
And that look on her face is “I did not do anything bad
I am the one that ratted on Nakita!”

This is Nakita.
She decided that she wanted to run away from home 4am this morning !
Hense forth — The Prison Garb !!
It was a good thing for her that she came back all by herself.

Toxic Avenger

The Toxic AvengerDo you know Troma Studios?
They make some of the …well, off the wall movies I have come across.
I have been bugging Sue about getting “The Toxic Avenger for some time.
She finally got a copy of it.
It took several bids on e-bay before she won this one!
Sue got the
The Unrated Diretor’s Cut with the FULL HEAD CRUSHING scene!
WAHHO I am a happy camper

Baby Spiders

[photopress:baby_spiders02.JPG,thumb,pp_empty]while I was doing some work in the backyard today , and I saw movement in a pile of rocks.
So I went to investigate and look what I found!
I don’t know how many there actually are , but looks like thousands.
After I found this little bunch . I found them all over the place.

Ebay buyer beware

As the title says
Ebay buyer beware
Sue bought a purse off of ebay. The ad said it was a “NEW” purse.
Here are the exact words — ***
a very nice, never been used tommy hilfiger handbag. a very nice addition to any woman’s wardrobe. affordable too. ***

Purse0001If you click on the picture you will see how bad the spots
are ..especially on a light pink purse !

Purse0003Here is another spot and this one is rather BIG

Purse0004There is such a HUGE difference between a NEW & UNUSED
purse .. and this purse. Even the shoulder strap was missing . !


The seller had the kahunas to send this email to me when
I asked for a refund…***
thats fine i give refunds on mondays. ill leave you
positive feedback . once i have pos. feedback ill refund
your money. you can keep it. in the future i wouldnt
expect a 200.00 purse for 10.00, but i guess youd like
what was described ! my bad!!!!!!!***

He wanted me to leave POSITIVE feedback BEFORE he would send my
refund ! .
I didn’t expect an expensive purse…but…I DID expect an honest Ebayer !

If you would like to know this guy’s seller ID… email me. I’d love to have
everyone know who he is !



The other day I was out working in the garden and came across this beautiful spider
What a fine spider this guy is!

While I am not crazy about spiders in the house outside ia a differant matter.
As I was watching this spider he managed to snagged a couple of other bugs and that is a very GOOD thing.


This morning Sue had a panic attack !
She had some sort of fungus growing on her feet.
I told her that she should go to the emergency ward RIGHT NOW.
But , you know Sue.
She did not want any part of THAT

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Well, these 2 are headed out to …
can you guess what?
Sue Tanya01 Sue Tanya02 Sue Tanya03
Can you guess?

BINGO one more time 🙂
Did they win?
What is your guess?
Tanya won BINGO on G59 for $40 not too bad.
Sue …. well there is always next week and the truth of it is * that she does better with on line bingo.