Garage sale

2005 0829pig0003
2005 0829pig0002

I don’t know if you know it or not
but not only is Sue Bingoholic but she is a Garage sale FIEND too
Here is her last great acquisition.
You can’t tell how big that pig REALLY is but its
HUGE !!!

I asked her where she is going to put it
her answer “Well its only a buck”
So now we have this HUGE piggy bank!

Bingo Truck

2003 0203Truck0002
This is our new BINGO truck!
Sue won enought $$$ at bingo to pay for this truck.
Hence the name “The Bingo Truck” the other name is
“The Old-Beater-Up-Truck”
I got to say I really enjoy have a real truck around.

The Birds

The last couple of days we have had 100’s of birds in our trees.
I think they are Red-winged Blackbirds
If you take a look at the pictures you can see 100’s of little black birds!
Hanging out in the trees.

They have been here a couple of times this year and I remember them being here for the last few years.
How could you every forget the noise 🙂
You can read more about them HERE

Drama Last Night

t2003 0130power out0005
We had a bit of drama last night.
The wind knocked down a power line. The neighbors across the street were kind of funny.
They had parked their cars under the power lines.
When the lines came down they were trying to get the cars moved.
They were running around like chickens with ….

If it were me, forget the cars they are replacable I am not

Anyway, the cops were first on the scene – then the Fire Trucks showed up.
The one that got me was the AMBULANCE, NO ONE was hurt , that was just too funny.
2003 0130power out0003